Staff Problems?

It may not be their fault.

If one of your staff doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the team, in fact they are more like a ‘fish out of water’, you need to read on…

Personalities vs Roles Profiling

Do You Have Square Pegs in Round Holes?

Staff are your biggest investment and hiring the wrong people can, and often does, cost you big time! Put simply, the wrong person is simply not suited to the role, so they are just not as productive as someone who is! Costs associated with just one wrong placement is in the tens of thousands for every single year that you continue to retain them, but there is a solution.

The Key to Success is People…

  • Finding them
  • Training them
  • Motivating them
  • Keeping them

The best way to acquire and keep the right ones is to use profiling!

Why Retail Rescue’s Profiling System is better than others

We use profiling ethically!

We do not condone the use of this service, as a way of deciding which staff to terminate the employment of. It is a way of discovering strengths for employers to encourage and a means of determining motivators for them to use when generating incentive schemes or workplace improvements.

Let’s face it, suitability for the role is what profiles are all about, but what is often forgotten is whether the role itself is the problem and not the person in it! So, to be fair on everyone involved, Retail Rescue have come up with a two step process that ensures a much fairer approach to how they are used.

The First Step is to assess what the role itself entails and then the type of personality that would be best suited to do it. Then we ask any existing and or potential staff to complete a quick and easy online survey that gives a very strong indication of their personality for cross-referencing against the roles. If the role is too hard to find a fit, then we help you to change the role itself!

This survey has a 90% degree of accuracy and is definitely not a Test, rather an indicator of natural strengths and has been used extremely effectively in Recruitment processes, Business Structure and Performance Management.

All Staff benefit from this process, as Owners get an insight on what motivates individuals and how to alter the work environment to make it a great place to work whilst maximising the potential of everyone, including themselves!


Personalities vs Roles Profiling

Existing or potential employees are asked to complete a quick and easy online survey that gives a very strong indication of their personality for cross-referencing against the type of personality best suited to the role concerned.

Uses for this profiling
  • New Employee Recruitment Job Match Profile
  • Role Only Profile – Assessing the Role itself – can it be done by normal personality types?
  • Staff Strengths – use in Staff Assessments and to match against roles and identify motivators



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