Mr Money Pants

Who is Mr Money Pants and what does he represent? Read on for these answers and more.

All about Mr Money Pants

The Story of Mr Money Pants

Mr Money Pants is the alter ego of Bryan Young A.K.A. Mr Retail, one of Australia’s top retail consultants.

Bryan is one of those rare individuals who worked his way up through the ranks from million dollar Salesperson to Sales Manager, Store Manager, Area Manager, Operations Manager, National Franchise Manager, Business Owner and now CEO.

He is a Mentor to Retailers and Business Owners worldwide.

When Bryan started Retail Rescue (now sold), he was on a mission to build his own brand, as much as that of any business he consulted to, so he spoke at major events around Australia and wrote articles for industry blogs. As a result, he soon became recognised as one of Australia’s top retail consultants.

Bryan’s clients and peers then labelled him “Mr. Retail”, which quickly became his nickname and was often used as a promotional tool for the lead-up to further seminars he presented.

The secret to Bryan’s success has more to do with his need to help make a difference in the ‘little guy’ businesses. He truly wanted to help start ups and struggling businesses to be successful. This is when “Mr Money Pants” was born. Mr Money Pants is a caricature of Mr Retail and he often unashamedly says “I like big BUCKS!”, referring to what would happen if a small business owner were to engage the services of Mr Retail or Retail Rescue.

When we first created Mr Money Pants, we added background music and paid a singer to sing some lyrics we wrote about selling more with the help of Mr Retail. However, the tune was based on the song “I Like Big Butts”, by Sir Mixalot, and even though we didn’t use any of his lyrics, Google told us we couldn’t add the song, as it was still recognisable as having come from his work, so we had to remove it from YouTube and only release the animation without words or music.

We can write the words down below safely though, as they are not even close to his and when there is no music accompanying them, there is no way they can be mistaken for his work.

“I Like Big BUCKS and I Cannot Lie! You other sellers can’t deny… When a buyer walks in, flashing money in the place, “SELL TO ME!” on their face… You’ve just won!”

It then went on, in a talking voice, to list the main services of Mr Retail and ended with some clever catch phrases designed to keep the potential customer interested to the end of the video. What it said was the following:

  • Mentoring
  • Sales Training
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Planned Cash-Flow
  • Magnetized Marketing
  • Genuine ‘Real Life’ Solutions

“It’s Okay to have a BIG BOTTOM… Line!

SHAKE that Bottom Line! Whether a Retailer or a Supplier to Retail… Give Your BOTTOM LINE a BIG Shake Up… Contact Retail Rescue Today!”

Mr Money Pants I Like Big Bucks
Mr Retail photo for Mr Money Pants caricature

Mr Money Pants is for sale!

The original caricatures of Mr Money Pants are for sale, in the form of NFTs on the website Opensea. One of them is even animated, where he shakes his Big Bucks Money Pants.

Click on the sample images on this page to purchase their original versions, or click here to buy the on animated verion and here to buy the animated version!

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