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Less Talk… More Action

How often have you come across consultants and mentors who love to ask questions but never actually supply the answers? “Are you doing this? Have you thought about that? You need to look at your procedures”… sound familiar? Retail Rescue goes much further, we not only reveal what needs to be done but we also teach you HOW to do it!

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01. Strategic

It doesn’t matter whether your business is only just starting out or has been operating for generations, whenever a new client comes on board, we will start at ‘square one’ and then step them through the process of growing their business from there. Our strategies have been proven, time and time again, to either turn businesses around or help them take the next step forward.

02. Professional

All mentors, coaches and consultants undergo extensive training with everyone following processes that determine specific needs of each individual business and then maximising their growth in the most effective ways possible. Only once they have been accredited as being at the level we require are they allowed to service the clients we pass on to them.

03. Mission Statement

We will promote and provide Solutions and Answers, integrating ethical methods designed to grow and improve businesses whilst enhancing the lifestyle of all participants. Profits from this process will go towards self-sustainability of healthy and happy communities, starting locally and expanding worldwide.

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

On average, Retail Rescue clients have experienced a 58% increase in their Gross Profit over a period of just 2 years, when they implement the strategies we outline for them. Even though we do NOT tie our clients into long term contracts, we still have an over 85% retention rate of clients that stay with us, year after year.


Long Term Clients


Gross Profit Increase

What We Can Help You With

Forget baffling terminology and pie in the sky promises, we show you how to get the absolute most out of the potential your business holds. We will even tell you what you need to do in order to improve the potential itself!


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Cash Flow Management



Growth Planning

Digital Marketing

Sales Training


Staff Management



Staff Profiling

Customer Loyalty

Business News & Tips

Time for business owners to de-stress & welcome success!

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As the retail world evolves, many businesses are getting left behind. It is vitally important to move with the times and embrace new technologies and methods. Having your own Business Coach/Mentor is the “new black”, the must have accessory for any successful business owner. A specialist Retail Coach has lived and breathed retail and knows […]

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Head Office is located on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia but we operate Worldwide

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